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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Antarctica - Humpback Whales

Too close for comfort?

Louisiana - New Orleans - The French Quarter

I used to live here and it was quite an amazing place. I wish it nothing but the best in its long comeback. Nothing beats a hand grenade at the Tropical Isle.

Bali - Ubud - Pool Villa at the Royal Pita Maha

Title says is it all, looks like a great Villa.

Hawaii - Maui - The road to Hana

If you're going to Maui make sure you make the time to do the drive on the road to Hana. Spectacular views and lush scenery all day long.
Content provided by Yahoo blogs.

Washington - Issaquah - Salmon Hatchery

Its nearly Salmon festival time in Issaquah. The hatchery is a fun excursion for any family in the area. The salmon can grow up to 3' or so. During spawning season they attempt to swim back to their homes, but the hatchery gets in the way and they simply continue to attempt to swim over the banks, quite entertaining.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Washington - San Juan Islands - Overview

A brief overview of the San Juan Islands in Washington - Orca Whales, Anacortes State Park, and Deception Pass.