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Friday, June 16, 2006

Island hopping in Thailand

I'm currently island hopping in the south western islands of Thailand. Its been a great trip and i've learned a lot on the way. There are new vlogs to come, but for now i wanted to post some useful information regarding places to stay here. Note that we are in the low season now.

Koh Phi Phi

Phitharom Resort
This bungalow resort is well priced and the bungalows are only 6 months old. We paid 1200 baht plus 300 baht for an extra bed per night.

Bayview Resort
absolutely do *not* go here, we were ripped off at the bangkok airport and ended up paying 3x the going rate in town. This place takes advantage of newbie travellers. It is also poorly maintained and the beach is non existent.

Koh Lanta

This is a 5 star resort and it is actually the nicest resort i've *ever* stayed at. The lowest published rate is 8500 baht, but we negotiated them down to 5000 due to the fact that it is the low season. Right now it is so slow that the staff to guest ratio is about 10 to 1. We are being treated like kings and this place is amazing, if you can afford to stay here at least one night. Videos to come.

Lanta Palace
A dump, there were more colors on the sheets and towels than i knew what to do with. Do not even consider it.

For a budget hotel this is about the nicest deal we've seen. We could have had a room for 700 baht per night for 3 people and we would have been the only people there. For the money this is a great option.

Other comments on Koh Lanta - its hard to do anything off of your resort as the people will just try to rip you off. we looked for a taxi for a 3 mile trip and the locals wanted to charge us $25. Try to manage everything through your resort otherwise you will be ripped off. Unfortunate but true.