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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hong Kong - Skyline

A great view from the ferry of the skyline of Hong Kong.

Italy - Rome - Inside the Coliseum

Over 160 ft high with eighty entrances, the Coliseum could hold upwards of 50,000 spectators. Public events such as gladiator fights, mock naval battles and wild animal hunts were held at the Coliseum. During the staged fights as many as 10,000 people were killed. Fighters were slaves, prisoners or volunteers. Spectators saw persecuted Christians killed by lions. After 404 AD gladiatorial battles were no longer held, but animals such as lions, elephants, snakes and panthers continued to be massacred in the name of sport until the 6th century .

Phillipines - Bohol

The Tarsier, is one of the smallest primate in the world.

Vietnam - Halong Bay

A 360-degree pan of Halong Bay from the top of a cruise ship. Content provided by YouTube.

Vietnam - Saigon - Street Vendors

Barbecue beef in a leaf (Bo la Lot) and banh xeo cooking on Cach Mang Thnang Tham street, Saigon, Vietnam. From

Vietnam - Hanoi - Skyline

A quick look at the skyline of Hanoi from the 20th floor of a hotel.

Vietnam - Hanoi

And you thought traffic in new york city was bad...

Vietnam - slideshow

A nice slideshow with an overview of the beautiful areas in Vietnam. Content provided by YouTube.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Florida - Miami - The Whitelaw Hotel

A very swank hotel in South Beach. The Whitelaw is a great place to get a drink and have a great time. Content provided by

The Whitelaw Hotel & Lounge is a shining Pearl in the South Beach area. Conveniently located right in Miami Beach's Art deco district. One of the hottest spots in all Florida.

Hawaii - More Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Hawaii is sweeeeeet. Check out this great video to understand why. Content provided by

Monday, April 10, 2006

California - City of San Francisco - Richmond District

ok, so i lived on Lake Street in the Richmond District in San Francisco for 5 years. I still believe this is the most amazing place that i've ever lived. I was in the middle of an amazing city and i had legitimate mountain bike trails in my backyard, which was the Presidio Park. I miss this place everyday. Check it out. Video provided by:

Thailand - Phuket - Baan Kata Villa

Everything is different once you enter this luxurious and welcoming villa on the Thai coast. Content provided by .

Hawaii - Oahu - Hale'iwa is an awesome travel website that i recently stumbled upon. They have celebrities give narrated tours of an area that is relevant to their work. Very informative.

Aloha! Hale'iwa, a small, quaint town on the North Shore of Oahu, welcomes visitors with spectacular beaches, great surfing, fragrant pineapple fields and Hawaii's ubiquitous delicacy, shaved ice.

Hawaii - Maui - The Four Seasons Hotel

A very descriptive video tour of the Four Seasons Hotel in Maui followed by a driving tour up Honoapi'ilani Highway. Content provided by Google Video.

Hawaii - Maui - Humpback Whale Watching

See baby and adult Humpback whales jumping in TANDEM. Content provided by:

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Prague - Hotel City Centre

A video overview of the Hotel City Centre in Prague . Provides basic information gathered after a week long stay in March 2006.

Prague - Old Town Square

A 360 degree view of Old Town Square in Prague. March 2006.

Prague - Karlovy Vary - Moser Glassworks Factory

Get a glimpse into what its like to make high quality glass by hand. This is a worthwhile sidetrip if you are in Prague, the factory is about 2 hours outside of the city. March 2006.

Prague - Boleslav - Skoda Factory Museum

A video from my latest trip to Prague. The Skoda headquarters and factory is about 40 minutes outside of Prague. This video gives you a glimpse into what its like to visit the factory museum there. There are only four automobile makers in the whole world able to boast of a century-long history of uninterrupted exchange of information, know-how, experience, development, and production. Škoda is one of them...

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Dominican Republic - Playa Rincon

I spent a month in the Dominican Republic and my favorite place was Playa Rincon. You need to rent a car to get to it but it is well worth the trip. We only saw about 5 other people the entire day that we were there, and this is a huge beautiful beach. There was a small makeshift cafe at one end where they were bbq'ing fresh fish right out of the ocean and serving it with coconut bread. In all of my trips this was probably my favorite beach. This video doesnt really do it justice, but it will give you an idea of what its like.

Dominican Republic - Cabarete

Cabarete is a great place to stop for a few days while in the DR. It is known for its great winds - windsurfing and kite surfing are ever present here. Take a lesson during the day and then hit the restaurants and bars at night.